30 Day Self-Care Challenge

1) Set two goals that you would like to achieve throughout this challenge.
2) Turn your phone off for at least an hour
3) Do something just for fun!
4) Write down 3 things you love about yourself
5) Drink more water.
6) Listen to a podcast or watch a Ted Talk
7) Burn a candle/incense
8) Unfollow people on social media who don’t inspire you
9) Take yourself out on a date to eat/see a show/go to a gallery/museum
10) Create your own unique and uplifting, feel-good playlist
11) Create/Make something
12) Enjoy a bubble bath or an extra-long shower, and moisturize your body with your favourite cream.
13) Make a list of all the things/people you are grateful for
14) Eat your favourite meal
15) Let yourself be free by dancing to your favourite feel good song on your new playlist
16) Declutter your handbag/wallet
17) Sit down for 5 mins and breathe. Focus on deepening your breath.
18) Write down all the things you want to let go of and then rip it up
19) Snuggle up in your pjs and have an early night
20) Explore a new area in your hometown
21) Make your own Self-Care checklist
22) Try listening to a guided meditation on Headspace or YouTube.
23) Write yourself a letter of all the amazing things you have achieved in the past year
24) Go for a walk-in nature
25) Watch a feel-good movie!
26) Read a chapter of a book.
27) Take a nap
28) Say “No” to someone/something
29) Explore affirmations, and write three of your own.
30) Reflect on this challenge and share with a friend.