Making recovery my first priority

My name is Georgia, otherwise known as @SelfCareQueen. I am a writer, arts producer, and mental health and body positive advocate. I am the founder of World of Self-Care, a social movement which promotes self care, self-love and mental health through talks and workshops.

I am starting this blog because being in recovery can be extremely isolating. A lot of the time it’s just me, my thoughts, my emotions, showing up each single day to a patriarchal reality called life, and I find it a challenge. I think a lot of people do, especially women. As women, we are taught to serve, be ‘fixers’, and be constantly emotionally available for others. And now more than ever in this fast-paced society, I think it’s time we stop, take a step back, and focus on ourselves. Give our self the love and care we deserve, before being available for others. 

I am not only a woman, but I am a black woman, a black queer woman, a black queer woman who has a mental health diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder. I face oppression on so many levels, and now I am rising above, I’m overcoming what people may ‘think’ or ‘expect’ of me because of my diagnoses or how I choose to define myself. 

We all have a mental health, and it’s time to start looking after it. It’s time we all start taking small steps to aid our recovery. 

When I talk about recovery, I’m talking about the process of becoming. But to be able to become, we must accept that we have shit to work on, sit in that shit for a bit until we make the connections that will aid our transformation. Recovery starts with the willingness to accept who we once were, who we are now, and who we want to become. Recovery isn’t about going back to how you once were before, it is about building something new, building emotional strength and nourishing the life you want to live in. Everyone has their own pace of recovery, and you are on your own journey so try not to compare.  

This blog, that I aim to write weekly, will be about my recovery journey, and experiences. I am not a medical expert; I use my lived experiences. I hope this blog will be a place of learning, discovery, inspiration and healing for a variety of different people. I want to be able to share myself as authentically as I can, to encourage your authentic self to come out and to promote your own recovery journey.

This week I affirm: I am making my own recovery my first priority. 

Take a deep breath, accept where you are at and go slowly.

Love always, 

Self Care Queen x