Check out this awesome interview by Holly Barker

I was interviewed for the first time a few weeks ago, by Holly Barker, about The World of Self-Care, and she has written up a great article about me which you can read below..

Last Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Georgia Dodsworth about her new idea for a festival. Dodsworth is leading the creation of a Self-Care Festival, she has been working on it since January and has already managed to gain a small amount of funding and lead some workshops. She is clearly the right woman to be leading the self-care festival!

How did it come about? What spurred you on to start this? 

When I was 13 I had really bad depression, and I absolutely hated school. So, I just stopped going and my mum would be dragging me out of the door and I’d just say I’m not going. So, I went through counseling and then I got pulled out of school and I got a tutor and managed to get my English GCSE. At the time, I just hated my life and then I fell into performing arts. I worked with a company called Chickenshed and they’re an inclusive theatre company. That’s where I found my confidence and realised that I can do things for myself, things that make me happy. Even though I’m on medication I can do other things like watching TV or writing or drawing. And that’s when self-care began for me, and then in January I thought, you know what I need to do something in self-care because it doesn’t get talked about enough.

How’s it going so far? I’ve seen you’ve had a few workshops, how have they been?

I’ve done a few workshops because I’ve been given a little bit of funding from the Westway Trust, and it’s paid for all my resources. And I’m doing workshops around the Grenfell Tower area which is really rewarding and hard at times. Last week, someone broke down in my workshop and she used the jar to remember people she’d lost in the fire and that was really rewarding for me to see because I didn’t realise my workshops could do that.

Where would you like the festival to go?

My dream would be for it to be as big as WOW. I went to Women of the World in February and it was amazing. I forgot to eat that day because I was just going to everything, all the talks, the workshops, the shows, everything and I got to 5pm and I was so tired. Then I realised I hadn’t eaten all day. Once, it’s as big as WOW then I want to go international, but I’m aiming to have my first one this time next year.

What are the main aspects of the festival?

There’s the self-care jar workshop. There will be talks from people who work in well-being and mental health but, I really want to bring in some yoga instructors as well. Because I was talking to my mentor and he said, “You can’t do everything yourself” and I hadn’t even thought about that until he said, “Are you going to run everything yourself?”. There will be workshops on yoga, creating your own lifestyle, a self-care café, art and craft workshops and panel workshops.

How long will the festival last?

Initially, it will be a day and I call it a festival, but that makes me think of tents and camping. But, London festivals take place in town halls or like WOW at the Southbank Centre, so there’s lots of different rooms or spaces. So, I would like it to be over a day, but ideally it will become a weekend and if I take it international then a week. And maybe one day a retreat.

Your idea started in January, has the idea progressed further than you thought it would?

When I say it started in January, I mean more my own progression and light started in January and I just felt like I could run the world. But, the festival really started in March at Uni, my teacher asked us, “If you were a festival, what festival would you be?” and I hadn’t been to many festivals so I didn’t know. But, my friend was like, ‘Oh, I can really see you being a self-care festival’ and I just went home and googled it, but there was nothing. And then I started sharing the idea and people were getting really excited about it, but it’s going really well. Getting the funding from Westway and doing the workshops so soon, it’s been amazing.

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